Install Siri using Cydia

Siri is a awesome latest  feature of Apple. Siri is artificial intelligence application. It is only available with iPhone 4S.   The Apple doesn’t allow to install Siri feature if you are not iPhone 4S user. I think this is a Apple’s trick because they want to sell more Apple iPhone 4S phones. Therefore, they don’t allow to get Siri for previous idevices or iPads. However, If you have already jailbroken your idevice and you have Cydia on it you can get Siri for your device .If you don’t have Cydia, I recommend reading our Cydia download free article to get it.

How to install Siri for any iOS device?

( This method is no longer works. We recommend to use Spire ( the most popular siri alternative) with your idevice. Spire is 100% just like Siri. You can available more details below of this posts)

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Getting Siri through Cydia is very easy.Just follow the following step by step guide to install Siri to your device through Cydia

1) Open Cydia, go to manage and add ( source to your device

Cydia Siri

2) Open your new source ( ) . Then you will see an application named sirisn0w

3)  OK. Just install Sirisnow and reboot your device. Now you have Siri on your settings.

Cydia Siri

You can on/off Siri using Siri icon of your settings (as above picture)

More alternatives for Siri

Spire – This is the most popular alternatives for Siri. You don’t want to add any special source to get Spire. Spire is not only compatible with iOS 5.1.1. if your IOS firmware is not iOS 5.1.1 I recommend to updating it iOS 5.1.1 via iTunes and jailbreak again. After you install Spire you have to set proxy server. Sometimes you have to pay for these proxy servers to use Spire.

Recommended Spire Proxy hosts

Name: SiriSn0w
Host URL:

Sara – This is the another siri alternative. You can also add this tweak through Cydia.



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