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Cydia is the most popular third party application for iPhones, iPods , iPad or Apple TV. You cannot download Cydia to your device using ordinary ways. Jailbreaking is the only way to download and install Cydia for free on your device. Downloading Cydia is completely free. Therefore, we don’t recommend to buying Jailbreak or Cydia download tools at all.

Cydia is a alternative for Apple iTunes. You can use Apple iTunes to manage your device. you can install apps , add videos, songs ,books and so many things using iTunes. You can use Cydia to do all of these things. However, Apple iTunes has some limitations. You can’t install system apps, themes, add popular video format just like .mkv and play flash etc. That’s why you want to download Cydia to your device. Cydia allows you to do anything on your apple device.

Apple doesn’t allow to download and install any third party application for idevices.It means iOS ( operation system of idevices ) has been locked by Apple.  Therefore We can’t download Cydia directly to our apple devices. First of all we have to break this iOS lock. It known as Jailbreak. You must use free tools for do this ( in this website provide all jailbreaking tools for free of charge) After jailbreaking process Cydia is downloaded through Jailbreaking tools to your device. Now jailbreaking is a very simple process. It only takes about 5-10 minutes.

To download Cydia you must know your device model and your device iOS firmware version because you have to use correct jailbreaking tool according to your device model and your device iOS firmware version.

Your device model can be iPhone3G , iPhone 3GS,,4G, 4S , iPad 1,2,3, iPod 1G,2G,3G,4G or Apple TV 2G, 3G

You can find your iOS firmware version from following path on your device.

Setting —> About —-> Version

Latest iOS version is iOS 5.1.1. Your iOS version will be just like 5.1.1, 5.1,5.0.1, 5.0 etc

According to iDevice model and iOS firmware version you can find most suitable Jailbreaking tool to download Cydia for free. We recommend to use JailbreAk! tool for this. this tool will find , download and install most suitable tool to download cydia


    • Nera

      Yes you can, I recommend to update your iPhone 4S to iOS 6.0.1 and jailbreak it using Redsn0w.
      Redsn0w will automatically installs Cydia. Then you can install Sara. It’s alternative to Siri

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