How to get Cydia using Open App Market

We can see many paid and free applications with Open App Market as Cydia installer. Also many videos can be related with these applications. This is simple review about applications in the OpenAppMkt related with Cydia.

This is a place to promote your application to users. You can install application compatible with your iPhone, Android or iPad using account.

How to install Cydia with OpenAppMkt

cydia download on openappmkt
  • Then user can install these applications to take Cydia. You can see user ratings and reviews to choose best product.

OpenAppMkt pros

Cydia is promoting without Jailbreaking

OpenAppMkt cons

Most of these applications will give JailbreakMe instead of Cydia. Otherwise it will give Cydia shortcut in your home screen, but Cydia will not work well. All of the applications not give real alternative for Cydia.

Can download Cydia without Jailbreaking with OpenAppMkt ?

We cannot take Cydia using OpenAppMkt. Are you got Cydia ? If OpenAppMkt has Cydia all users will move to this place to install Cydia, instead of jailbreak their devices. 

Are you success with download Cydia using OpenAppMkt

I am sure your answer will be NO, If you success please comments with us about application and procedure.  We like to give your guides for our users. Most of the times fake video will be waste your time and money. Therefore follow correct methods to install Cydia. Then you can see Cydia features well, otherwise you will lose more things.

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