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Cydia Download, setup and install we like to describe from here to all iPhone, iPad and iPod users. As we said from the beginning this is free service for your device after jailbreaking your device.

We like to give  Cydia download guides as follows

cydia for other devices


NO, You are unable to download Cydia for your device. You have not Apple devices do not try to setup Cydia for your device. This application is only work with iOS running in the Apple products.

YES, Cydia application is only associated with Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad or iPod. So if you are these devices users follow our guides to download, setup and install Cydia for your device.

cydia for non jailbreak users

NO, If users are not jailbreak their devices using jailbreak tools they are unable to install Cydia. First you need to jailbreak your device to download Cydia. Then you can use Cydia alternative as App Store.

YES, If you are already jailbreak most of the times your device has Cydia application. If you have not Cydia after jailbreak follow this methods to download and install Cydia. Before use this method please reboot your device using power and home button. Then most of the times you can see Cydia is working successfully.

cydia for non jailbreakers


NO, If you do not like to jailbreak do not think about Cydia. But we like to introduce some alternative apps like Cydia. These are weblin, ICY, YAK, . Most of the Cydia features can receive from these applications.

Click here to see details about alternative apps for Cydia

YES, Jailbreak is a simple process which can be use to break iOS restrictions. You need to follow some steps to break iOS using jailbreak tools. These tools are using millions of users all around the world successfully. Therefore do not need to keep any fear about using these tools. But every time we need to use correct guides with correct jailbreak tools. Therefore first you need to download correct jailbreak tool, then follow correct guides.

Click here to see more details about this process and finally you can see Cydia in your device. 

cydia jb tool select


This is common problem with most of the new comers will facing with their device. We are discussing only free tools associated with jailbreak ( tools are Redsn0w, Evasi0n, Absithe, Seas0npass, Sn0wbreeze). First you need to upgrade or downgrade your device by downloading Ios firmware  using iTunes or jailbreak application. Then download tool suitable with your Ios firmware. Now you can run these application and follow methods to Download and install Cydia for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Click here to see correct guides for all jailbreak tools

Click here to see download tool for your iOS

things to know jb


You need to know important things about jailbreak. We have mentioned 8 things you need to know for download Cydia with jailbreaking process.

Click here to see these important things

cydia download ways



All jailbreak tools integrated with Cydia application. Because these tools task is to break Ios and Cydia application task like App Store. We can see Cydia install option with some tools like Redsn0w. Other tools are installing Cydia without asking while jailbreaking. Therefore all the jailbreak applications main task is install Cydia for your iPhone, iPad and iPod.

If your device has jailbroken and Cydia is not working well, then your device is like a useless one.

If your Device, Jailbroken + Cydia = Useful

                          Jailbroken + Without  Cydia = useless

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