In my previous post, I have mentioned impotency of Cydia and how to download Cydia for free. Now you know Cydia can’t download ordinary way to your device. There is special way to download Cydia for iDevices.  This process known as Jailbreak

How to download Cydia for free

However, still many people think to direct download Cydia.  To download Cydia many people try to log But unfortunately, has not been registered yet.  All other Top level domain extensions ( just like, etc) have been registered for Cydia keyword. Then I try to register through only domain registration service. My payments accept only domain, but was pending status. After few days, They have refunded my money back, and they canceled my registration.

They I found the reason for this cancellation.  Dot com (.com) domain extension is different than others.If anybody registered copyrighted name as a domain with dot com extension  real owner of that keyword can recapture this domain any time. It means dot com domains always belongs to actual brand name author. Therefore I can’t register domain name.

Cydia is copyrighted to Jay freeman. His nick name is Saurik.  Many people know him as a Saurik. He is the only person who can register domain name.  Still he hasn’t registered It is the big mistake of Saurik . However users still login to domains to download Cydia. I suggest to buy domain and redirect it to

Saurik is Technology consultant. His Official website is He already have completed many projects. Cydia is the most popular one. he is maintaining cydia website using sub domain is the official web page of Cydia

Why didn’t Saurick register yet?

According to Saurick’s official Cydia web page, Cydia is not a website or application. Therefore, he may not register domain name. But it was a big mistake of him. People are still searching to download Cydia

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